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After passing your level 1 exam, you can become more awesome by doing the SBINZ level 2 exam. Getting an SBINZ level 2 means you will be able to teach intermediate snowboarders and are internationally recognized as an instructor. The other advantage is that snowboarding becomes more interesting since you can move on from green slopes to off-piste and blue slopes.

Doing an SBINZ level 2 is like eating more healthy foods. You might think it’s not possible with the budget you have and you also can’t imagine yourself getting excited about salad every dinnertime but when you decide to make the leap into awesomeness you actually figure out that salad is pretty good and it makes you feel healthy. Add some tomatoes in there and a smooth honey vinegar dressing and it gets even more exciting.

Freestyle level 2 riding tasks are like this salad. You add some rotation and pressure to the 50-50 box riding of the level 1 exam and there you have it: not only nutritional but exciting too.

Like the level 1 exam, there are three components. You have to pass all of them to pass the exam. If you fail one or two components, you only have to retake the component you failed.

The three components are rider analysis, teaching and riding tasks.

Rider Analysis

The best thing about the level 2 exam is that you get to look at snowboarding students riding and point out everything that’s wrong with them on two occasions: a written and a verbal assessment.

To prepare yourself, SBINZ purposely filmed crappy snowboarders for you to practice your analysis on. To find out what type of questions you might be expecting from your examiner, you can find the written analysis test and the verbal analysis outline on the SBINZ level 2 page.

Teaching Tasks

On the last day of the exam, you will need to show off your teaching skills to your examiner with the other snowboarders of your group pretending to be students. Make your lessons fun and follow the progression.


For freestyle teaching you need to teach 180’s front- and backside and nose rolls. Show them off to the examiner to score great points. Safety, group handling and fun are key factors of your teach. Keep your talking to a minimum. They don’t like instructors japping too much as it makes students confused.


Introduction to carving starting with edged traverses, edged arcs, edged J-turns, edged C-turns and finally edged carve turns. You don’t have to make your students GS racers. The aim is to tilt that snowboard and ride the edges.

Safety is a big one to mention since you are traversing loads and taking speed.


You will be teaching an introduction to freeriding with the two main things passive and active absorption. Use a low edge angle in regards to passive absorption. For active absorption you’re teaching independent active absorption by practicing bad ollies and tell students to suck up their knees as much as possible.

Riding Tasks

SBINZ made a video for this exam as well.

On a note, you’re supposed to do an ollie and 50-50 for the level 1 exam. The video also seems to miss that you need to do an areal awareness trick on a small jump. Aerial awareness means a grab, shifty or wiggle.


The freestyle part of the exam is the most fun of it all, since this is where you can send it. Taking air will make you feel like Rosalind Franklin after she discovered DNA’s double helix structure.

For the demonstration there are two features you need to hit plus two flatland tricks.


On a small box you need to do a boardslide, either front or backside without hopping. Second trick is a press, either nose or tailpress without hopping.


A basic straight air on a small jump followed by an aerial awareness trick.

Flatland tricks

You need to do nose rolls and switch nose rolls across the slope and 180’s front and backside and both in switch as well. For both tricks you need to be able to teach the progressions for your teaching assessment.

Switch skidded turns

The basic turn for teaching a beginner but done switch. For the level 2 exam, you’re teaching an introduction to freestyle,¬† so you need to learn how to ride switch. Practice switch riding whenever you can, especially when you are bored mid season from doing the same slopes over and over again. Even the most boring runs suddenly become exciting when you ride switch.

For a level 3 and the freestyle level 1, you’ll be doing pretty much everything normal and switch.Switch skidded turns


Going on easy off pist terrain, you need to ride in as smooth as you are riding on piste. This means taking turns on whichever place you can find and graciously sucking up those knees on bumps.


Slicing that butter, expect to make carved turns on a green slope. Medium to large turns. Watch out for traffic, since they don’t close off the slopes for the exam. In the worse case scenario you’ll be carving with flat light.

Do an SBINZ level 2 exam if you want to get better at snowboarding and want to teach more intermediate lessons. Take a look at the SBINZ website for more info.

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