How to be a good Employee for the Olympics

Aerials olympics

I am experiencing my first ever Olympic games.

Our team has been building the Aerials course, since seven days. The course looks great and training started two days ago. Before that we were shaping moguls and chopping up landings.

It’s been cold, very cold with average temperature of -10 during daytime and -20 at night.

How did I land a job working for the Winter Olympics?

I asked.

Two years ago while I was training in Japan for my SBINZ level one and two, I had to sneakily leave the country to renew my tourist visa. The easiest option was to fly to South Korea, a country I didn’t know that much about except that it had snow resorts and they were hosting the Winter Olympics in 2018.

I decided to seize the opportunity and to find a job as an instructor in an Olympic resort, preferably where they would hold the freestyle snowboarding events. That’s how I ended up taking my vacation during Chinese New Year in Phoenix Park, Pyeongchang. After some strolling around the base area I noticed they had a sign Foreigner ski school. So I asked if they had a job for me for next winter.

One year later I was a snowboard instructor for the Phoenix Park foreigner snow school. That year we were told that if we came back the year after, 2018 Winter Olympics year, we would be working directly for the games.

So I came back and now it’s happening.

Being an Olympic Employee

Since January 20th, our whole foreigner snow school has been working for the Olympics. Chopping snow and building jumps. It’s a humongous responsibility and for sure this is a job to be taken very seriously. If you have aspirations to work for the Olympics in the future, here are some tips and tricks so you too can be like us.

Because working for the Olympics makes me far more superior to someone who doesn’t work for the Olympics. You too should strive to be more superior then other people.

1. Post plenty of selfies of you in uniform in recognizable places

Don’t forget #pyeongchang2018 and #olympicdream and #sostoked and #whydoesntsecurityletmegotothetoilet

Olympic halfpipe
Halfpipe picture, check
Aerials jump
Aerials picture, check
Riding an Olympic chairlift
Chairlift picture, check

2. Post plenty of pictures of you working and riding a skidoo

Appropriate hashtags: #winterolympics and #highfive and #sotired and #itsapictureofmeworking

Chopping snow
Best hashtags for this Picture would be: #workingsohard #gohardorgohome #iamthehardestworkertheolympichaseverseen

3. Post Pictures of Athletes, even though you don’t have a clue who they are.


Awesome! But I am not sure who this person is

4. Write only in Hashtags

Sentences are overrated and a waste of space, #makeyoursentencesintoahashtag

5. Post pictures of yourself with a Famous Athlete

You standing next to an athlete who does nothing athletic is definitely something we should all know about.

Aerials manager
Alexander, also known as “Ali” and “the guy from the aerials course”, is an athlete representing Austria. He is also a man with great style that you definitely should look out for during these Winter Olympics.

Good luck on achieving your Olympic dream. It’s good to have dreams.

See you in Beijing 2022.



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